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A video service that lets you monitor your property using wireless IP cameras

Connecting one or more wireless IP cameras to your Halo system and subscribing to the View service means that you will not only be alerted to events as they happen, but you can subsequently login to your account and view the images captured from within your property.  In the event of an alarm, your camera(s) will automatically record a 30 second clip that will be saved to your account and tagged to the event that triggered it. Alternatively, can login to view live streaming images at any time - to check the kids are home safely, for example.


Type of service Free £2.49 / Month
Live view cameras via PC Yes
Live view cameras via Smartphone* Yes
Live view cameras via mobile No
Record on demand Yes
Number of clips stored Last 1 only
Automatic image capture after alarm No
Full history of clips No
Video clip storage time Last 1 only
30 days
Video clip storage cap 1 clip
It's easy to upgrade to our premium services once you've started using Halo.


*Requires flash player support.

In addition to the features that are specific to the View service there are a number of functions that will become available to you should you subscribe to one or more of any of the services at premium level.  These features are known as your global account features and give you the following additional benefits over and above what you receive for the free service:

  • Unlimited friends and up to 6 contacts instead of 1
  • Give your contacts access to your account with their own user name and password
  • Receive additional alert messages by SMS and voice call to your landline number
  • Receive additional information messages via email and Twitter to inform you about power failures, low battery in your sensors, broadband failure etc.
Your tablet just became a home security camera