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A Care service for help you passively monitor activity in the home

The Care service allows you to passively monitor activity at your property, or your relative's property at all times, not just when the Halo system is set.  Help elderly relatives prolong their independence by living safer and longer in their homes with a Care service that enables you to monitor their activity without intruding into their lives. Or choose to receive alerts when a specific user disarms the system, for example when your children get home from school.

When you purchase any Halo product and register it to your online account you will automatically receive FREE service that corresponds to the capabilities and functionality of the product, for example, registering the Halo Starter Kit to your online account will automatically subscribe you to the FREE level of the Security and Care services, register a camera and you’ll be signed up to the View service.

The Halo Care service will alert you to events at your property including Medial and Panic alarms. The FREE service level will alert you by email and Twitter message, and display alert history information in your online account. If you upgrade to monthly contract monitoring service, alert messages will also be sent by SMS to mobile and voicecall to landline phone, and you can set Trigger events to track activity and have up to 30 of these delivered by SMS to a mobile phone.
Personalise the Halo Care service to notify you when sensors are activated around the home; for example, set the system to notify you if there is no movement between 9am and 10am each morning.  You will instantly know if this happens and you can react accordingly to check if there is a problem. Using your online monitoring account you can view all of the activity within the home on any given day and even check back through the activity history.


Type of service Free £4.99 / Month
Alert event history Yes
All sensor activity recorded No
Scheduled and customisable alert Triggers No
Activity chart display No
Alert messages (Panic, Medical):  
Email Yes
Twitter Yes
Voice to landline phone No
SMS text message to mobile No
Scheduled Trigger alert messages:  
Email No
Twitter No
SMS text message to mobile * No
It's easy to upgrade to our premium services once you've started using Halo.
* SMS information messages are capped at 30 per month. Reminder messages will be sent out after 25 and 30 messages from your allocation have been sent.


In addition to the features that are specific to the Care service there are a number of functions that will become available to you should you subscribe to one or more of any of the services at premium level.  These features are known as your global account features and give you the following additional benefits over and above what you receive with the FREE service:

  • Unlimited friends and up to 6 contacts instead of 1
  • Give your contacts access to your account with their own user name and password
  • Receive additional alert messages by SMS and voice call to your landline number
  • Receive additional information messages via email and Twitter to inform you about power failures, low battery in your sensors, broadband failure etc.
Your phone just became a home care system