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Halo 100 Starter Kit


  • Image of Halo home security wireless starter kit. Pack includes: Panel, keypad, keyfob, 2x IR detectors and door contact

The Halo starter kit is a wireless burglar alarm system and is all you need to get your 'connected home' up and running. This user friendly, self-install kit is a home security system with a difference - it can be monitored and controlled remotely. By registering your Halo system online you can monitor and control the system securely from anywhere in the world, via your PC or smart phone. This provides a fully automated burglar alarm system with keypad or key fob entry and the potential to achieve complete home automation and monitoring.


A home security and safety solution which alerts you online and to your mobile

By registering your Halo kit online you can receive alerts from your home 24/7. Depending on the sensors that you have added to your system you could be notified of; intruders, fire, flood, panic alarms, gas leaks and much, much more. Alerts will be sent by SMS, landline, email and even Twitter to make sure that you are notified and aware of anything that happens at your property.  You can even determine what you are notified about to make your system tailored to your needs.  


Wireless flexibility and an easy to install connected home

The Halo starter kit is wireless, which means that not only is it easy to install, but you can add additional sensors and devices to your connected home network at any point in the future. The range of sensors and devices available means that you can add new dimensions to your system, for example, add cameras to view the activity in your home. You have the potential to evolve your Halo starter kit from a security system to a complete home monitoring solution. 

Your Halo starter kit is just the beginning, you can add additional wireless sensors and devices to expand its capabilities into remote control, smart energy, care and video. See what else you can add...


Key features:

  • Remotely & securely accessed and controlled
  • Complete home security straight from the box
  • Add products and services to create a complete connected home
  • Can be used in conjunction with Halo monitoring services
  • Connects to broadband with PSTN backup
  • Supports up to 20 sensors and devices
  • Sends alerts and notifications via telephone, text message, email or Twitter
  • Easily upgradable
  • Fully wireless home and secure burglar alarms system
  • Self-install - DIY
  • 104dB internal siren
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A good product but video streaming could be better quality

By: eamonn     on: 02/03/2011 Easy to install and setup. I have recently installed the system and it seems to be working very well. I like the monitoring aspect and the website for carrying out this monitoring is easy to use. The only complaint I can make at the moment is that the quality of the monitored video images (also ... read more

An impressive product

By: mkd     on: 10/08/2010 Very ease to use, the halo control panel is straightforward and intuitive. Overall is very good and i would (and have) recommended to others.

Easy set up

By: richard     on: 06/07/2010 Brilliant. It took me 35 minutes to set up the system from opening the box - not including door contact which I haven't tried. The instructions are very clear both on the packaging and the website. The web set up is simple to understand.

An overall great product

By: brendandavis1     on: 01/07/2010 I believe the Halo system is exceptional compared to other products on the market, not only for it's innovative features, but also for it's overall size, simplicity of install and use, and initial cost! The monitoring features are extremely useful, I do like the feature that displays the movement ... read more

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