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Posted on: 22/03/11

UK 4G mobile broadband set for 2013

The UK's mobile network is already behind the US and Japan who both already have 4G networks, and now UK users have been told that they will have to wait until 2013 before 4G mobile speeds are available.  Licenses for the 4G bandwidth will go on sale in the UK next year, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and it is estimated that it will be another year on top of that before 4G services are available to consumers. The auction will the be the largest ever distribution of mobile spectrum, covering 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands. Waves at this frequency carry less interference and allow for the faster transfer of data. For consumers it means that they can experience a better mobile browsing experience as richer content, including video, will be delivered faster and more reliably. The introduction of 4G in the UK will also improve network coverage to approximately 95%.  The last auction, of the 3G licenses, made £22.5 billion for the government back in 2000.

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