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Posted on: 16/02/11

Tycoon who shot burglar alarm may face prison after blasting 'annoying' device

One of Britain's richest men could be facing a jail sentence after he broke into his neighbour's home to silence an "annoying" alarm with a shotgun.  Peter Shalson shot the alarm to silence it after the siren was left repeatedly sounding because the neighbours were away and unable to re-set the alarm.

This type of incident is not in isolation, there are numerous cases of irritated neighbours forced to take action because they simply cannot stand the noise any longer.  In one example, local residents cut the wires to an alarm at an unoccupied property because the siren was sounding for 20 minutes every 2 hours.... for 2 months!  After trying to contact the owners without success they tried the local authority and the police to try to silence the alarm but neither would help.

This type of incident highlights the need for home owners to have a greater degree of control over their home alarm systems.  With technology available that allows the user to monitor and control their alarm system remotely, nuisance alarms can be a thing of the past.  It is now possible to control your alarm system via an app on your smartphone, so that if there is an alarm whilst you are away you will not only be notified, but able to reset the alarm remotely.  So you can leave the system armed whilst on holiday, safe in the knowledge that even if there is a break-in or false alarm, it does not need to irritate your neighbours, which will certainly mean a warmer welcome home!

Burglar alarm systems' sirens going off at unoccupied properties was a recent discussion on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show - you can listen to the discussion from the show on the 15th Feb here (listen from 1.38.00 onwards).

But what do you think?  Do sirens do nothing more than annoy the neighbours or are they a still a valuable feature of a modern alarm - what do you do when one goes off in your street? Get in touch and let us know, we would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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