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Posted on: 03/03/11

Study reveals UK has one CCTV for every 32 people

A recent study estimates that there are an incredible 1.85 million cameras in Britain monitoring people's movements. That equates to one camera for every 32 people and is made up of predominantly privately owned cameras, with only about 4% run by public bodies.  The high proportion of privately owned cameras suggests that people see camera surveillance as a fundamental part of their security system, and are fully aware of the benefits of having a camera system, whether it is guarding their business or their private property.  It also shows how far technology, and people's understanding of technology, has come in recent years as they are not afraid have such systems installed.

The study is based on data collected by police community support officers in Cheshire, which was then used to extrapolate the results nationwide to give a figure for the UK.  For more information click here.

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