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Posted on: 02/02/11

Police.uk website shows crime map of your area

The website www.police.uk was launched yesterday and instantly attracted thousands of visitors all eager to see the crime statistics for their local area.  The website was so popular that for a period of time after it's launch it was getting nearly 18 million hits an hour, making it one of the most visited sites in the UK.

The service allows people to enter their post code and see the crime statistics relevant to their local area.  The stats are shown on a crime map so you can see exactly where crime is happening right down to street level.  The popularity of the website shows how much people are concerned by localised crime, and their safety and security.  Those living in areas with a high crime rate or, more specifically, a high burglary rate might wish to protect themselves with a wireless burglar alarm system.  If you live in one of these areas, just the sight of a burglar alarm at your property is enough to deter a lot of would-be burglars.  If the worst does happen and a burglar does break into your house, having the Halo 100 Starter Kit should give you some peace of mind because you will be notified straight away to the event by SMS or email and can even see recorded images of the burglar if you have an IP camera set up as part of the system.

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