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Our Intention

To take leading edge ‘smart’ home automation technology and make it simple, accessible and affordable. 


Our Products

Halo products make it possible for anyone to connect, manage and control the home simply and effectively.  They are plug-and-play, which means that they will work together and are quick and easy to set up in your home, whether you are just starting out with Halo or you are expanding your home network. 


Our Services

What makes Halo products different is their ability to connect to the internet and therefore the Halo monitoring services.  The services available include; Security, Video, Care, Control, and Energy.  Depending on what sort of solution you need, whether it's a burglar alarm system that can send you alerts or a care package that lets you passively monitor elderly relatives who want to keep their independence, the products and services can be mixed and match to give you a bespoke solution specific to your needs.


Our History

Halo is a registered trademark of Intamac Systems Ltd.   Founded in 2001, Intamac is a global leader of connected home services and is the power behind the Halo Home Manager web interface.  As one of the longest standing players in the market for connected home technologies, Intamac has a wealth of knowledge and experience and work with such familiar names as D-Link, BT and Alcatel Lucent to name but a few.